May 5, 2008


Garbage and Skeletons
(a poem by Gavin Link dictated to me, Erin Jane, late one evening as I wrote in my journal)
I don't normally write poems but o.k.
Skeleton man, Skeleton man
How does that garbage taste?
Give us a dance, Give us a smile
There's onion rings on your face.


They call me Annie said...

Now, that's destined to become a classic. Did you ever hear this one? (From his journal)

a walk on the beach with jane
a walk in the woods with erin jane
sunshine in the woods with erin jane
she just didn't know what the small boy would become

Erin Jane Hellion said...

Oh Annie! Thanks!

karly angela zobrist said...

I love it. I love you and I feel the emulsion. oh ya...