August 24, 2008

Hood 2 Coast

So I started this post and then was so rudely interupted by life.... aaaaahhhh LIFE! I will add more later, and say more about what I add- LATER. But for now here is a glimpse into the Hood to Coast Relay that my family and I ran this weekend. It is sort of a big deal where I come from as you can see. A lot of care goes into synchronizing watches and wearing appropriate homemade "PRE" apparel. And of course there is my dad- looking so serious and ready to run. Note that he is wearing a Hood to Coast T-shirt from the 80's... he was running this race long before I was even born. You got to love him.



Al said...

what's the story here eh'?

They call me Annie said...

I remember Gav telling me how your family runs this. He and I both thought it was so cool. I love your stencil!!