November 28, 2008

Fiesta Thanksgiving

I made mexican hot chocolate cupcakes- "What makes them Mexican?" everyone asks. Well, I put a bunch of cayenne pepper in them of course. And they were spicey!
We were closed on Thanksgiving in protest of the white people raping our native land.
The truth is- I just really don't like Thanksgiving food. Last year I was really sick and although I was able to drink an entire bottle of sparkling cider by myself the thought of Jessica's beloved yams again this year made me want to throw up.
So I opted for fajitas instead.
AND THEY WERE GOOD! And everyone was happy.
And no one felt sad or discouraged ever again. And the native was happy.


blake said...

what? is that a little piece'a'chicken i see in that fajita?

Yellow with white embroidery is so in right now.

You should shoot food professionally?

karly angela zobrist said...

I wore indian feather hair peice to my turkey dinner... does that count?

AJ said...

hello there. love creeping by to see what's poppin. i was (seriously) telling jake the day before thanksgiving how boring turkey is. if we are going to have a great holiday and time off to celebrate lets at least make a good dinner. from now on i hope to be doing something spectacular on thanksgiving. to give thanks that i have the choice to cook what ever i damn well please.
that dinner looks yummy, the cupcakes divine.
{post script- i am only hours from you. maybe we will run into each other on purpose some time.}