November 15, 2008

Signs Of A Broken Toe

So I broke my toe ...I mean KARLY broke my toe...while I was in Hawaii this last week. The new room mate (Erika Johnsen- not to be confused or mistaken for any kind of Erin Johnson replacement) was helpful enough to consult the internet to help me diagnose my injury correctly. This is what we found. I mean really? Put all of your weight on the supposedly broken appendage and see if your weight buckles underneath you? Really?
How to Know if Your Toe Is Broken -- powered by


karly angela zobrist said...

ah ha!
so i won the fight

Annie said...
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Annie said...

That delete was me.

I'm so glad I watched this. I never knew the thing about taking your temperature to help confirm a break. Gavin broke his foot snowboarding one weekend and we didn't take him in for an X-ray until Monday. Poor little guy passed the sacrament that Sunday hobbling around on his broken foot!