January 19, 2009

Dear Son,

No one likes a liar.
No one can resist a folk singer.
No one wants their heart broken
even if they claim they do.
No one gains what they already have.
No one worries about factoring binomials after high school-
but "word problems" are probably a good thing to remember
(example- a man sits down in a big fat chair and eats 12 bananas.
Then he eats 3 apples.
20 minutes earlier he ate his own hand.
What percent of the man's food is fruit,
and what percent is human flesh?)
No one gives something for nothing.
No one will be ungrateful for a mixed tape.
No one regrets jumping from high places, especially into water.
If you ever find yourself on a relatively high cliff
(let a few other people jump off before you)
but definitely
No one will blame you for letting others go first.
No one is in the wrong place at the wrong time
our lives do not deviate from a set path.
No one makes everyone else happy 100 percent of the time.
No one accomplishes their life's purpose in one day.


Blake Baxter said...

beautiful, i didnt know you were a poet

Erik said...

more. dig just as deep as you want. love it.

Al said...

what brought this on?

Annie said...

well, you liked a liar, but only for a little bit. And I would give you something for nothing anytime. Gosh, i'm so literal today...

Klissa said...

Can you teach me to jump!!