February 18, 2009

More Rock

So if you thought Uvula Rock was cool then what do you think about this?!?! Cool, huh!?
Blake and I ate dinner with his parents Monday night. His mom mentioned how when Blakey was little he could entertain himself for hours with a couple of rocks. The next day however Blake was going crazy waiting for me to get done arranging my color wheel and rock family. He also asked me if my heart was actually a "J". (BEING SO BAD!) At one point during my artistic endeavor he even started screaming "Pay attention to me!!" HAHAHA I don't know what Karin was talking about!


karly angela zobrist said...

i love rocks!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

okay my phone died and im studying for accounting, then taking the test, then we can talk color wheels and cobblestones