March 12, 2009


What do you know now that you wish you had known then? If you could meet yourself at age five what would you say?
Today I would tell this little girl to nock that grin right off her face and get real. Actually I would just tell her everything is going to work out- just fine. Even when it doesn't seem possible. That is all that little girl wants to hear. And she needs to hear it all the time.


Al said...

hrm, I think she looks like she belongs here

and more serious never made anything more fun. That's a preposterous strategy

Erin Jane said...

OH GOSH! so funny! I love the one of the family in the wine goblet!! Thanks Al, you always share the best stuff! I never told you that I loved that validation fact, im going to post it right now

karly angela zobrist said...

Are you my mother?
remember when I thought that was the funniest thing from denver to the grand canyon?

Ashley said...

i would tell you that don't worry... your bangs will get much better with time. and oh yeah, everything else will work out too... for the best.

Annie said...

this little girl breaks furniture, this little girl breaks laws. I love her. I love her so much it hurts me.