April 4, 2009


If you could run a public service announcement about anything in the world what would it be???Please leave comment below!!!
For my latest Graphic Design project I have been given the task of teaming up with one other person (in my case a radio broadcasting student) and heading up a public service campaign about whatever our little hearts desire. My partner and I have a few ideas of our own but I am just soooo curious about what others would do. My sister said she would run a campaign about how breast milk is better for babies than formula. My friend Joel said that he would run a campaign about LOVE. My friend Rikki said she would want to say something about animals. Erik wants to run a campaign about eating organic food (but I could be totally wrong, he did have to sit on the thinking couch for quite a long time and I don't remember if he ever really settled on one idea). ANYWHO! Please tell me what you would just love to tell the world. I am dying to know.

And I just wanted to share this... So you know if you really want to make something better or you are just interested in what others want to improve you could go to this website and check it out.
Introducing: The Better Project from Arc90 on Vimeo.


Al said...

PSA's I'd like to see more of

- net neutrality
- Immigration law and its effects
- employment recovery opportunities
- geography for americans.

rachel said...

be yourself! enjoy simple things! If our brains are on the same wave length (which I believe) did you have the same dream last night?...that you were hanging out with Zac Efron in San Francisco and his hair was dyed brown with a buzzcut? Zac Efron? I don't know either.

Erin Jane said...

rachel i didnt have the dream about zac efron (he is prettier than a girl) but i was thinking along the same lines as- enjoy simple things. and al- i love the idea of geography for americans! i have to admit i could probably benefit.

Blake Baxter said...

racism, people think its a thing of the past...


Klissa said...

gardening--it's the new cool thing to do! and canning! it is skill that has gone by the wayside but might need to be resurrected!!

shelly said...

1. Learn from old people.
2. It's good to learn consequences.
3. Be your kid's greatest champion/cheerleader.
4. Sit and play with your child.
5. Laugh.
6. Find joy in simple things.
7. Hug your teenager.
8. Make cookies with your kids.
9. Be home (with food) when your kids come home from school.
10. Say I love you.

briana dale said...

just go outside.

Annie said...

i like shelly's idea about saying "i love you"!!