April 2, 2009

Love the scent of old books?

In the Library + I Hate Perfume

Me too. Do you want to smell like a book all day? I don't know either.


rachel said...

i want to buy the travel versions of patchouli empire, at the beach 1966 and in the library. I think I would like to smell like an old book all day.

rachel said...

i'll buy it if you buy it.

Annie said...

it would be more affordable to just rub an old book and maybe some wood polish and/or leather all over your body. that's all.

briana dale said...

dumb but cool.most things are.

that sounded like something professor beus would say.he might be my idol.

karly angela zobrist said...

I do!! I love that smell... haha I really do
im a loser