April 26, 2009

New Dish Towels

On my etsy site! JaneReaction


Heather said...

I seriously LOVE this! Can I post about your etsy? If you're interested you can do a giveaway on my blog too for publicity? Just a thought! Your stuff is SO great!

raquel said...

yay.now more people will buy your stuff. I love this too.

Annie said...

YOU ARE SO CREATIVE! Love love love these towels. Your stencils are always fabulous. And you do the faces of wonderful men.

hugging you.

Heather said...

How about we can show 2 journals (or a towel and a journal) and we can have them leave a comment telling which one they'd want if they won? I don't know...it's totally up to you! I just think that my readers would love it! I can put it up tomorrow if you want. e-mail me:



shelly said...

These are SO awesome.