May 14, 2009

Just kidding, just kidding, just kidding

Name change!! So I guess my sister was just joking when she named Ezra. His name is now officially Miles Mark Powell. I love the name Miles!! So cute. Can't wait to meet him all over again.


shelly said...

I love the name Miles, too! Ezra's a little difficult to roll off the tongue:)

Ashley said...

That is so cute! It was awesome hanging out with you last night, I can't say the same thing about LOST. How the heck did that guy be a look alike of LOCKE??? And then of course it just leaves us hanging with Juliet busting the bomb. What the heck? I thought of you for the whole two hours though and your impersinations (sp) of the characters. Well nothing gets you over the last show like the next one right? So the link for Gilmore girls is no longer anywhere? The only way I can find to watch it is each monday the releases 3 episodes and removes the previous 3. It's on season 6 right now, so about to start over if you want to check it in a little while. Otherwise you may have to netflix it or something:-) you won't regret it and will forever love me for the recomendation haha. However here is a link to my recent obsession One Tree Hill: I like Megavideo to watch it on the most. Okay enough of that long comment!

rachel said...

Your sister found her loophole that lies in the shadow of the statue! Miles is amazing! She should consider changing his middle name to Faraday. and LOST was amazing!

Erin Jane said...

My top fav kids names:
Ben Linus
H bomb
and Lost
oh and Sayid

Ashley said...

don't forget charles, desmond, and penny