June 5, 2009

Jenny Lewis

Erik and I went to see Jenny Lewis last weekend. We had a hard time getting there because the Portland Starlight Parade was marching right down the street in front of the venue and we couldn't cross over. I love marching bands. I always have (and now this is a total side note- but I remember staying at my grandmother's house one summer in Preston Idaho and waking up every morning to a marching band practicing just outside my window. It was hot so the windows were wide open. I thought it was so wonderful. Not annoying like most people would assume. Just really awesome.) Anyway, Jenny Lewis was such a good show. I love Jenny Lewis and I think she is an amazing singer. I was seriously blown away at how good she is live. She sounds even better in person! One of the best shows I have ever seen.


little miss erika said...

So I think you were in my ward in Hawaii. And I found your blog somehow. Is that creepy?

Regardless, Jenny Lewis is amazing! I saw her when she was in Hawaii -- seriously incredible.

You have the lovliest blog! =)

Annie said...

Marching bands always make me cry. What is up with that?

Missing you!