July 24, 2009

Love Letter to Greg Kinnear

Dear Greg Kinnear,
I love you... Oh, if you only you knew how many times I wrote and re-wrote this letter to you, trying to find all the right things to say. I feel like a fool. Greg, I would die for you. I love you, I love you, I love you.
Love always and forever,
Erin Jane


Erik said...

someone like you

Annie said...

"oh, look at your little hands!"

Erin Jane said...

yes erik i even love him in the movie "ashley judd freaks out on everyone and is the worst actress ever" i mean "someone like you"
and yes annie, isn't he so great in Sabrina? I could die when he says that line! I'm obsessed.

rachel said...

i love him too. he's good in everything, like ghost town and baby mama and even you've got mail.

Klissa said...

He's too old for you!!

Logan and Jennilee said...

Dear Greg Kinnear,
Sorry about my friend, Erin Jane...she gets a little intense about her devotion to you! But truth be told, I think I'm in love with you as well. Soooo, you make of that what you want....
All love and devotion to you,
Jennilee "the love machine" Calkins

Just kidding, you love him more than me....sad as it is to say.