August 15, 2009


My trip to California was awesome!  First we did a little surfing. Blake insisted that he get some pictures of me with my camera so I could remember surfing at Swami's.  He is so thoughtful like that.  Then he even ran all the way back to the car to put my camera safely away for me so he could come out and surf by me.  

We did some laying out at the beach and ate out at some really good restaurants.

Blake had to do some work at the office so of course I tagged along and worked on some of my wedding invitation designs. (Wedding invitations are turning out to be quite a learning experience for me by the way.)

We also got to go to SeaWorld! and on an amazing hike!

It was so much fun and I think I want to move there now? Yeah. I do.


Blake Baxter said...

why are you yelling? it's just a won't bite

Blake Baxter said...

This was all so much fun!

rachel said...

the surfing picture of you is so sexy beautiful.