September 5, 2009


My next endeavor: Posters. The kind that you want to hang up in your house because they really say something to you about truth, beauty and the pursuit of happiness. Maybe when I get back from Hawaii because all I can think about right now is babies. Babies and men.


J,D and Little B said...

awwesssommmee I am looking for a good poster to hang in B's room :)

Al said...

hehe, your last one, gde rakee zamooyout, that's an eastern block idiom that people say when they're angry, kind of a "i'll tell you where to stick it' but rather "i'll tell you where crabs go for the winter!'

I think you should make several of those, for I want on

Erin Jane said...

hahaha... well Al, i'd be happy to make a lot of posters that tell people in many different ways where they can stick this proverbial "it". Maybe you should give me some sayings and I will design posters around them?
Al? you there?