September 29, 2009

To My Best Friend

Things I like about Erik
1. Very concerned with germs, where germs grow, germs on his pillow, germs on his toothbrush.
2. Listens to me when I have a bad day. Tells me everyone else is a straight fool.
3. Likes great music and is always willing to make me a great mix.
4. He's an idealist- he sees the world as it could be and actually really tries to make it that way.
5. Will sit with me through the dumbest movies- Hotel for Dogs, Someone Like You (barf Ashley Judd), Larry Lawn-chair, etc.
6. Doesn't mind when the night turns into me surfing the internet while he folds clothes.
7. I love hearing about drama and Erik will never let me go uninformed.
8. Reads me stories.
9. Saves me leftovers after his mom makes her very delicious pesto pasta. It is my favorite. And he will usually serve it to me with a fruit or a vegetable just to round off the meal.
10. Often reflects on the night I made up several really dumb songs about baked goods and tells me it was the best thing I have ever done.


Ashley said...

#11. Intorduced you to LOST, Right?!? best friend ever in my opinion.

Annie said...

am i the only one that was disappointed that this was the only post tagged with "mystical colleague"?