November 6, 2009

Halloween was a bust

Coolest house ever

Angel Maroni and a nun (I know, so bad right?)

The crocodile hunter and a mountain man

one zillion carved pumpkins

patrick swayze zombie

smoke break (don't you wish your smoke break was this fun?)

casey jones going crazzzzey

weird dead pig's head (not cool)
kingsley the snake getting to know his new godfather and auntie
Bitty Bitty, you are beautiful! as Huck
Biggest party I have been to in a long long time
umpa lumpa?
Mogely from the jungle book with Ka

1 comment:

Annie said...

I think your Angel Moroni and Sister Act are hilarious!
(I have a pic of Gav as 'Safari Lord' Were you around when he created that costume? I was going to blog it on Halloween but ended up being Grammy for the boys and doing costumes and pumpkin carving and a parade and trick-or-treating instead. Next year.)

Looks like you had a GREAT Halloween!