December 29, 2009

Date Night

We went to Beauty and the Beast the other night for my mom's birthday. My mom is one of my closest friends. I adore everything about her. She is just wonderful! Oh dear... Here comes a list.
Ten reasons why my mom is so great-
1. Hilarious! She is so so so funny!
2. Smart as a whip. Everything I know, I learned from my mother.
3. Kind. She is so thoughtful and a great example of a good friend.
4. She is the best listener and she knows when she should give advice and when she should just listen
5. Plans really fun activities. She plans and plans and then plans some more. And I love every idea she has.
6. Loves me no matter what. My mom knows EVERYTHING about me (good and bad) and still loves me.
7. She is good at family. She taught us how to be patient with each other and forgive and be respectful.
8. Says the craziest stuff and totally catches me off guard. I have no idea where she comes up with half the crap she says. Sometimes I think she is really insane (in a good way).
9. Laughs at all the stupid things I do and say and thinks I am the funniest.
10. Did I mention that she is HILARIOUS? No one makes me laugh as hard as she does.

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Klissa said...

Thank you for painting such a kind, flattering picture of me! I love you too!!