January 20, 2010


So I decided that I don't really want to start a new blog right now. In fact, all I really needed was a new header. I feel a lot better about everything now that I have that new header... and some new goals for the new year. One of which is to blog more for myself and worry less about who may or may not be reading it. For some reason I aspire to be some iconic blogger that revolutionizes the way we look at Julia Child... where did I get that idea? But I am just me.
So here is to becoming a better me, I'll start by publicly posting some new years resolutions that I just got around to resolving a few days ago.
1. Be the best primary teacher I can be. That means planning lessons and activities the day before (not rushing sunday morning). And thinking about what each child might need through out the coming months.
2. Drink more water. You have no idea how hard this one is for me.
3. Make more stuff for my etsy shop.
4. Stop swearing. Yes, I have a problem with swearing. I think it is funny. Bad words make me laugh my head off. Am I embarrassed? No, not really. But I know I should be.
5. Get a real job. (I resolve to work on this more towards the middle of this year after I have graduated). This however does entail that I do my best work while in school and start preparing myself now for job opportunities. Please see image 1.b for example of working hard on school projects. Designing cd and book covers complete with matching dust bag. bla!


rachel said...

I feel the same way about apsiring to revolutionize the way we look at Julia Child. I need a new header. I always need a new header. I am going to worry less about my blog and drink more water.

rachel said...

please make me a header. send me a pay pal invoice to almostbelle@gmail.com

rachel said...

also, it doesn't have to say penny lyra......it can be an animal or a thing.......anything.

Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

i love the header, you little designer, you. and i used to laugh when you'd swear. it's just really funny when certain people do it, and you are one of them. miss your face!

jezebel said...

bad words make me laugh my head off too. what IS IT about calling people a dirty bit*$%^ that is so hilarious?

Annie said...

hahaha, jesse loves swearing too (though he doesn't do it) but i like to make my man laugh, what's wrong with that?

Al said...

hehe, what'd you last, like 2 weeks away from blogging? :) you're addicted.

Glad to have you back.