January 27, 2010


Dear Gavin,
Happy birthday!
For the past couple of weeks I have been wondering
what I could do for your birthday.
I thought about the coupon I made
you for your last birthday here on earth.

Free dinner and dessert- made by me.

I wish you could cash that one in today.
I wish I could at least call you and tell you
how cool I think you are and thank you
for being such a beautiful part of my life.
The days I spent with you are definitely
numbered among the best of my life.

I miss you everyday.
Love Cinnamon Girl


Annie Link said...
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Annie Link said...

[That delete was me. typo. here it is again, no typo]

Beautiful Erin Jane, I love you.
Thank you for this amazing post.
You can't begin to know how exquisite it is to know that others remember and love him.

And now, in response-
I'm thinkin Gavin would say something pretty much like this . . .

erin jane
erin jane
jane jane jane
i miss you too

but i get to check in on you every now and then
i love that you still laugh and cry at the same time
great job with your sunbeams by the way
especially lie girl

i wish I could show you the stars from this side of the veil. oh yes.
and my pumpkin patch
and how big mr. snoops is now
and the ocean when the suns set

thank you for helping me get ready to leave
you were the very best kind of friend to me
i will always love you for that, cinnamon girl

p.s. thank you for my blue pumpkins
likin' those. yup.

Klissa said...

You are heaven here on earth! You are good and kind and I am so glad that you are my daughter and friend. I really hope you can have a puppy some day!! Love MOM

Erin Jane said...

Annie- I could definitely hear Gavin in what you wrote! ESPECIALLY that last part. Likin' those. HA! Made me think of the way he spoke... I heard his voice in my head for the first time in a while. Thank you thank you thank you! You are wonderful!

rachel said...

Happy Birthday Gavin.I always got so excited when I saw you. For some reason when I think of you, I picture you shirtless with a cat on your shoulder and talking about dinosaurs or pretending to be in a magical world. My time in Hawaii was magical and you and erin were a part of it.