February 23, 2010

Grey Gardens

The movie is crazy. The documentary is even crazier. The book is a dream!Had a chance to look at this at work the other day...


Janelle said...

i hated that movie. hated it. but hopefully the documentary and book are better than that film. something about drew barrymore's voice and the constant bickering between those two women just rubbed me the wrong way... but even though i hated the movie, i still like you.
ps. thanks for the lovely birthday present.

olivia said...

I loved that movie...it was such a great representation of the women...i agree the voice could wear on you, but that made it more artistic...u know not ur typical drew barrymore cheesy girlie voice...she actually acted!! i want that book...where can you get it? love your blog!

Erin Jane said...

The book is at anthropologie right now. There are a couple more books about her there right now as well!