February 7, 2010

Side Show

Primary is turning out to be a bit of a circus... every week.
These kids are nutso. And make me laugh my head off.
Funny child (pictured above) ran his head straight into the wall today. 
I saw it happen and was really concerned.
Me - "Sweetheart! Are you alright?"
Child - "Yeah, the wall just ran into me, no big deal." words spoken with such nonchalance. 
Oh and lie girl (I really do love her) told the whole class that Heavenly Father and Jesus only love her and no one else. And especially not the teacher. 


Rebecca Waldron said...

Wow. I just called to be the primary teacher in our ward. Sounds like fun!

AJ said...

I have a very terrible child in primary and I want to tell him the same thing the liar told everyone. It would be really bad but maybe he would just cry instead of be obnoxious.

Erin Jane said...

Oh my GOSH! AJ! I just laughed really hard at that. Yeah these little stinkers can be so very bad sometimes. But they look like such sweet angels that I could never be mad at them!