February 18, 2010

Where to start...?

 Disneyland is always the best. 
Even when the lines are long and the Matterhorn is closed
 (and the Matterhorn is always closed when I go) Disneyland is good.
 I know this is totally sacrilegious-
 but the minute I walked in the park I felt the spirit.

We also got tickets to California Adventure,
which is also amazingly fun. Have any of you been
on the new toy story ride? It is 3D and you get to shoot
targets and plates and balloons while spinning around on a ride!
Disney's best work yet!

And of course... main street at night is a dream!
 I love getting ice cream in the old parlor and 
watching all the families go home after a
 magical day at Disneyland!

Oh and who is this guy? Conor?
He's the man of the hour I guess you could say.


Logan and Jennilee said...

Awww...you guys are the cutest! I want you to have babies together and then our babies will love each other and we will live in Disneyland for the rest of our lives...and Janelle will be with Jeremy and they will live in Tomorrow Land...everything will be awesome!

rachel said...

Conor is really handsome.

Annie Link said...

Conor has good eyes. Erin, you should definitely keep him for more than an hour.

Damaris said...

don't know conor and don't even know you but hope you enjoy this new relationship :)

ps. I've never been to D-land? Is it really totally worth it? I mean totally $$$$ worth it? Keep in mind I have a 3 year old.

Erin Jane said...

Damaris! You need to go to Disneyland. Did you read the part where I said I felt the spirit? haha I is so fun. I want to take my three year old niece so bad. Just pack snacks, take a big stroller that your baby can take a nap in and take it easy! You should try and look on craigslist for people who are selling passes that they didn't get a chance to use for less $$$. Conor and I got a good deal on both of our tickets.

Damaris said...

craigslist? really? what a great idea.