April 27, 2010

This one.

You know that song by Garth Brooks? You know the one about the woman who is everything he could ever want and everything he could ever not want all at once? "She is crazy but it's nice. A stroll through Christmas lights... She'll rage just like a river, then beg you to forgive her."? Here are the lyrics in case you don't know the one. Well, I don't know when Garth and Annie met, but if this song isn't about her then I am a monkey's uncle! Trust me. She is EVERYTHING.

Dear Annie,
You are the most beautiful combination of insanity and joy I have ever seen. More real than the air I'm breathing. I love you for everything you are even the crazy parts.


Klissa said...

what a nice tribute to your sister!

Damaris said...

lovely picture. sisters are the best even with their crazies

Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

This is a cute post but more importantly...CONGRATS on getting MARRIED!