May 24, 2010


Dear LOST,
Thanks for saving my life. When I moved home from college to live with my mom and dad I thought my life was over. You gave me new meaning. You gave me something to look forward to every night. You were there with me until four in the morning when I couldn't sleep. You taught me how to "let go" and that "nothing is irreversible." I was especially entertained by your love stories, ghost stories and time travel stories. Those are my favorite kind of stories and you mixed all three beautifully. And LOST, I am glad you are finally over. No more wondering. The island is under water and everyone is dead. That is a huge relief. Thanks!
I'll see you in another life.
Erin Jane


Logan and Jennilee said...

Dead, Dead, very, very, Dead, la, la, la, la

Ashley said...

Dear Jane,
You're welcome. I am glad I was entertaining and I too am glad it's over. Hopefully there will be another show sometime soon to fill the void that I have left in so many peoples Tuesday nights.
Yours Truly,