June 7, 2010

Crowning Glory

Wedding plans are well underway.
 My favorite, most favorite part of the wedding right now is the napkin! 
Grandma Wilde (Conor's mother's mother) has been busy 
stitching up a storm at her house. 
My mommy has been cutting and hemming dish cloths
 while Conor's Grandma has been using our colors to make 
them so meaningful and beautiful to us. 
Can you believe the women in my life?!


Klissa said...

They are so amazing! A lot of work by many hands that love you and Conor!

Damaris said...

that's simply amazing. It kindda makes me want to cry.

Erin Jane said...

haha! damaris! Don't cry! and thank you!

Alicia and Daniel said...

That is awesome!! They are amazing!!!

Annie Link said...

how perfect all of this is.

mommas and grandmas all just lovin you up and getting everything in order for your new life 'a commin.

so perfect.