July 28, 2010

Birthday Heart

I gave Conor my heart for his birthday. I made this heart a few years ago in one of my ceramic classes (yes, I majored in ceramics in college- ha) When I made it I vowed that I would, someday, give it to the love of my life. For a while I thought I would never find someone to give it to. Glad I finally found him!


Damaris said...

did you go to BYU-H? and if so was jake jackson your teacher? He's one of my BFFs.

That heart is perfect. perfect.

Erin Jane said...

Jake Jackson was my teacher! He is totally rad!

Heather said...

I love this, Erin! It reminds me of something I just saw this week:


You're awesome!

P.S. did I ever tell you that I'm really excited for you and your marriage? I am!

Erin Jane said...

Thank you Heather! I bet I am MORE excited than you are!!