September 10, 2010

Man and Wife

Pictures by Natalie Norton, see more of our photos here
So we totally did it. We tied the knot. Now we just have to move! We will be moving all of our prized possessions to the island of Oahu on Sunday. Everything important to us fits in a couple of suite cases and a few boxes (one of Conor's generous friends is shipping our boxes over for us, thanks again to everyone who has helped us out so much). In the mean time I am busy trying to get things up and running on my new website JaneReaction. I have so much to blog about and I am getting busier by the day.


HEARBLACK. said...

do you guys need a ride from the airport sunday?
i'll be there around 12

excited to see you guys around

Arica said...

found your blog via your facebook. you know i think you're awesome. anyway, you guys are living my dream! when my man graduates (blasted byu having the best animation program) we dream to find a good studio out there! surf and sun all year round!

ps. i think this means we're supposed to be awesome friends. (:

Erin Jane said...

Nate! Thank you so much for thinking of us, but one of Conor's friends got us a rental car for a couple of days just to make it easier on us.. then Conor's truck will be there. And Arica you are rad! Can't wait to see you guys out there. It will work out! Animation?? Sounds really cool.

Amanda Tippetts said...

Yay! Congratulations and good luck with your move. I hope it all says wonderful!