October 7, 2010


honeymoon - Anthro swim suit and dress, Pendelton Woolen Mills bag, left photo Trio Restaurant, right photo patio at Ace Hotel
I never got to blog about our awesome honeymoon. We got married, went on our honey moon, had a second reception in California and moved to Hawaii all in two weeks. It's hard to remember much of anything that happened in that time period but as I was looking over some of our pictures tonight I got a huge smile on my face. Our honeymoon was awesome! No one got sick, no one had their period and nothing got stolen- all just horror stories I always seem to hear about honeymoons. We ate out, laid by the pool, ate ice cream in bed and... well... ummm. Anyways, we had a great huge condo at a resort in Palm Desert for the week but for one night I convinced Conor to stay with me at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. I must admit I was lured in by their branding/design collateral/business identity bla bla bla. I just like the feel they've got going on. The room was a little disappointing compared with our big beautiful suite but it was fun for a night. The pool was a party zone and music was blaring till 1 am. I'm glad I finally got to see what all the fuss was about.
Picture 2
And because I love Ace Hotel's design scheme so much I couldn't help but put all of my pictures in a tiled box just like they do.

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Klissa said...

That blue swimsuit is so cute!! I am so glad you can look back on your honeymoon with happiness! Mine, as you know, was memorable for other reasons!! :(