November 9, 2010

Update About Our Friend John

I realize that there are probably a few people who read my blog who are not able to receive updates about our friend John via Facebook or the fast traveling word of mouth (you can't do anything in Laie without the entire town knowing about it by dinner time). So I thought I would post a short update about his recovery. He is now home on the north shore and being watched over by some friends. He can remember everything that happened that night before he lost consciousness and apparently his memory from before that night has not been affected either. He is having a hard time moving his left foot. He is also having a hard time sleeping. John is going to have a long recovery ahead of him but it seems as though things are only getting better! Here is a link to a news report about the events of that night.


j,d and little b said...

they arrested him on suspicions on robbery??? are you serious??? How about attempted murder......?

Erin Jane said...

Seriously! I don't get it!