January 7, 2011

Home Is Whenever I'm With You

lamp and candle, blankets, cutting board and pitcher, mac, fingerprint, dreamcatcher
I have Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros stuck in my head this morning. Of course home is wherever my Conor is but as far as material things go... these are the things that make my house a home. If I had these things and a bit of food I could stay home forever. A pile of blankets were first on my list of "must haves". They are my favorite thing in the whole world. My mom and dad nicknamed me blanket because I could never go anywhere around the house without dragging a blanket behind me. Secondary to the blankets: good lighting, an inspiring book to look through, a great smelling candle, a place to do my work and something homemade. Speaking of homes, here are some of my favorite homes featured on The Selby: Fitzhugh and Lindsay,Lucy and Duffy, and Dan and Shannon.


Arica said...

i love that candle too! i almost bought it when my man took me christmas shopping. i went with the darling plates i wanted instead. in other news, i too love blankets! there's a dreamy one at urban that i want oh so bad. it's on sale but i don't know if it's a sale price i can justify. haha.

kylee said...

i am in love with that song.

Annie said...

your parents nicknamed you blanket when you were 24 and still dragging a blanket around the house with you. YOU WERE 24!

Paige Bischoff said...

I love all of these. I am especially excited for you to make your lamp!