January 31, 2011

Our weekend + tuesday track


This weekend we threw some towels, a blanket and a cooler full of food into some plastic trash bags and swam out to a tiny island in the ocean to eat a picnic in some peace and quiet. It was absolutely lovely. Thank you Ben and Sarah for joining us (and for staring at the nudist on the beach with me so I didn't feel like a creep doing it alone).

And if this day had a sound track this would be it.


girluntitled said...

whoa the pics turned out GREAT! thanks again for inviting us-now i know where to go to see a free peep show ;)

Klissa said...

Sounds like a fun day!

Jenner said...

That sounds heavenly!! We're having a snow blizzard here in NY.

californiacheryl said...

oh.....is THAT how the Life of Riley lives?
Where have I been for the last 37+ years????