February 10, 2011

Book Recommendation #5: Penny Lyra

My friend Rachel (from the blog Penny Lyra) sent me a list of her and her husband David's favorite books. On the list not shown here: Kafka on the Shore, The Harry Potter Series, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Golden Compass, The Nancy Drew Series, and Number the Stars. Rachel is a very interesting person, her humor and wit have always intrigued me and I have found myself laughing at things she has done or said years after the fact. Rachel introduced me to The Little Prince when we were freshman in college together. I have loved it ever since. When I started doing book recommendations I wanted to know specifically what would be on Rachel's top favorite book list.... hence this blog post. Thanks Rachel.

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girluntitled said...

i love anything steve martin. he is an amazing writer and it's kind of a nice surprise since you wouldn't guess that at all.

Cassandra Marie said...

Oh wow..that Nancy Drew cover takes me back! I remember reading any Nancy Drew book I could get my hands on when I was younger!

Jesse Powell said...

i love steve martin in kind of an unhealthy way maybe

stephanie joy said...

Rachel is one of my top ten favorite people right next to Ginny Weasley.