February 8, 2011

In the mood for... Valentines Day

When I was little I made up a club called the Cool Cats Club. I was the president. And the only member. Club members were required to do cool stunts on their bicycles up and down Quail Lane daily. My parents laughed when I told them I was the president and only member.


brigduong said...

Haha, if it makes you feel any better I was the only member of my club aswell. :-(

HEARBLACK. said...

i like the center thing.. paper doll valentine

p.s. we're still perfecting our dish for this weekend's bake off


catchmeifyoufran said...

HA! The one and only member of the cool cats! Incredible.

I remember drawing roads and traffic lights on my parents driveway with sidewalk chalk... then I would ride my bike unruly and run all the lights! :)

Jesse Powell said...

i made paperdolls for my valentine this year!! get ready for a stunner!

rachel said...

I think you would have asked me to join the Cool Cats Club and I know I would have said yes. I was such a show off on my bike. I love[d] to ride barefoot with my leg kicked back and very high.