February 7, 2011

Wedding Invitation: Dani Richards

Had fun putting together some wedding invitations for Dani and Michael a few weeks ago. These are not the exact ones that they chose but I had a lot of fun hand painting the flowers for this set so I had to share. Congratulations you two! Best wishes to you!


Rachel said...

The flowers look soooo pretty Erin! You da bomb!

Cassandra Marie said...

How sweet! I love the color palette...it's actually similar to the one I chose for ours!


p.s. I'm hosting a great giveaway on my blog today if you wanted to enter!

{Red Hot Air Balloon Hand-Painted Locket Giveaway}

valerina87 said...

i love these colors!! and the invites are beautiful!! we're in the process of getting ours printed that you made- i can't wait to see how they turn out!! :)

californiacheryl said...

you are amazing - so creative!
can't wait to see what you come up with for becky's invites