March 22, 2011


yogurtlandWhat is it about a million different choices of frozen yogurt with an endless array of toppings that makes people go bonkers? I guess we'll never know. All I do know is that I for sure go bonkers. Every time.


Cassandra Marie said...

Oh my god, I remember a while back they had a red velvet cupcake batter flavor....THE BEST flavor ever! Ugh, now I'm craving frozen yogurt lol.

HEARBLACK. said...

mine looks best.

Anonymous said...

Cassandra- they had that kind the other night! It was amazing!

Nate- Yours looks boring. (kidding)

Rach said...

i LOVE yogurtland!!!
and in the bottom left picture there's those popping boba ball things. i tried those for the first time this week! yumm