August 1, 2011

Our pregnant weekend (25 weeks)

Pregnancy. Oh so much to say... so little time.
I feel this little guy kicking a lot these days. Sometimes I know he is sleeping. Sometimes I know he is wide awake and throwing himself a party in there.

My clothes don't fit me anymore. The few things I owned with an elastic waist band are all I can wear these days. Good thing I am going to Portland soon and can go maternity shopping with my mom and sister.

Last night we went to a friends house to watch The Men Tell All (you know, the Bachelorette?) Conor and I love to hate it and hate to love it. Anyway, my 9 month pregnant friend was having contractions 10 minutes apart when we got to her house. Towards the end of the show she quietly admitted that they were 3 minutes apart. She went to the hospital and had her baby 45 minutes later. She was in labor the whole time but just couldn't miss The Men Tell All. That was the best part of my weekend.

I don't know why I put Conor and myself through the hell of taking these tummy shots. We both hate doing it. The photo on the left is more or less the image I am going for. The photo on the right is what ends up happening 99.9% of the time because Conor is constantly looking at me with this look that says, "Are you freaking kidding me?" I guess I am just not one of those bloggers whose husband follows her around with a camera and takes awesome pictures of her everyday in a cute new outfit. It's really too bad. Neither one of us can keep a straight face for more than 2 seconds.


girluntitled said...

oh my goodness...i have never really gotten into the whole "bachelor" thing but if you were watching say...the sixth sense for the first ime...i prolly woulda ignored me some labor pains! that's hilarious.

and yes, it's true...not all husbands feel justified enough to take photos of their wives. the only time ben ever wants to be snap happy is when i've just sneezed and a big boogie is hanging out as a result. he's romantic like that. cute, right?

The Jessups said...

I love the pics!! I hate getting my pictures taken. Especially because I am the one behind the camera posing people every day, so I know what I want, but then I feel so ridiculous doing it, and end up laughing the whole time feeling so embarrassed. You look beautiful!

Cassandra Marie said...

Hahahaha your friend is awesome! I laughed out loud when I read that she was ignoring her labor pains to finish watching a tv show :D

amanda jane said...

are you kidding me? you are such a doll.

Klissa said...

Love, Love, Love, the green shirt and you my dear are a gorgeous pregnant lady!

Amanda Tippetts said...

I agree. Beautiful!