October 24, 2011

Candy Apples

IMG_5762apples2IMG_5764All of the candy apples I have been seeing on the internet lately have had me itching to make my own. We had friends over Saturday night to make candy apples and watch Poltergeist to get in the Halloween spirit. My sister let me watch Poltergeist one year when I was little. I couldn't sleep for months. To punish my sister for letting me watch the scary movie my parents made her take care of me at night when I woke up crying. The movie brought back very vivid memories of walking into her room almost every other night and cuddling up on the floor next to her bed with my blanky to go to sleep under her protection. That's also when I started making my small white fluffy dog named Jackie go into every room of the house before me so she would get snatched first and I could make a clean get away.
"Here Jackie... go in... go in.... Jackie?" Ok safe to enter.


The Jessups said...

Poltergeist at a young age. That explains it all. hehe. :) I love that your sister had to take care of you. Awesome. Now that I'm a parent, I recognize that that is an awesome idea by your parents. I'll have to remember that. I'm sure it will come in handy down the road.

mmelledge said...

those look delicious. can you sen me one?

Annie! said...

It's funny that poltergeist didn't even bother me a bit then, if I watched it now I'd probably be begging Jesse to write me a RX for xanax;) I love you, now lay off the sugar, sugar!