October 3, 2011

Conor's Mood Board

conors_moodI spent this weekend acting like an absolute pregnant lunatic. I spent a lot of the time laying in bed convincing Conor to lay next to me and "talk" and if he didn't have a million things to say right away I would bombard him with questions. What is your favorite thing? What is your favorite thing about me? Do you like me? Do you think you are going to like our baby? Do you even want to go to school tomorrow? Don't you want to stay home with MEEEE???? Luckily I have a very patient husband who answers all of my questions (wether they be desperate, trivial, or just idiotic) with the sweetest of answers. "My favorite thing is stew with meat and potatoes.. I like that you are so funny... Of course, I love you... I can't wait for baby... Well, I do need to go to school tomorrow... Sweetie, you know I can't do that..." And then usually about 10 minutes later a new barrage of questioning begins (usually the questions are only slight variations of the ones before). How he stays cool and manages to say all the right things (most of the time) is beyond me. I would have kicked me to the curb a long time ago. But, I am actually pretty funny so I can see why he hasn't and stuff.
1."a real man's meal" 2.his family 3.road trips with his best friend willie 4.playing sports 5.surfing 6.ME! (that's jane in case you forgot!)


Klissa said...

Thank you Conor! You are a good man!

Anna said...

This post is so funny! I ask my husband a million questions like that all the time. I'm not pregnant though :) Of course he obliges though with a slight hint of "honey you are crazy in his eyes".