October 18, 2011

No One Else

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There is no one else I would rather do this whole pregnancy thing with. I love it and everything, but it is hard and it is so great to have someone to share every step of the way with me. We have been taking these birthing classes to help prepare us for the big day. We are really excited to make the experience something special and sacred for our family. Not scary or chaotic. Anyway, last night they showed a birth movie called "Saturday's Children" made in the 70's. It was totally crazy and had both of us in tears. Every time a woman in the movie had a baby we would cry. Every time. We are just over flowing with excitement to meet our little boy. We can't even stand it!


HEARBLACK. said...

ahh, conors still looking great these days.

M and A Harrison said...

i love this.

janis said...

ha! nate's (or katie's?) comment maade me laugh.

how soon are you due? so exciting!!

californiacheryl said...

I miss watching you surf!