October 28, 2011

Wish I Could Participate


I wish I could participate in this fall weather that everyone is experiencing. Alas, I am very pregnant and living in a tropical climate. Clothes like these can only be a dream. For now I wear as little as possible and sit with a fan three inches away from me (literally). Maybe I could wear the tunic and NOTHING else. Maybe.

I will however be making myself a pair of tights like these (see below)! I don't care how hot it is. I have been searching the internet for somewhere to order this style but I have not had any luck. I stumbled across this DIY idea on Creature Comforts this morning and was so excited! Check out the entire how to at 3191 Miles Apart.



Sarah said...

I love that dress. Where is it from? Cute tights too!

Gunvor Eline said...

You really want to dress like that? I´m from Norway, and live in Oslo. I would almost die for the climate you have now! Ok. It is really beautiful here now with the autumn leaves and everything.. but soon the winter is coming.. cold! I am a photographer student and posted some autumns pictures here: www.gejakobsen.tumblr.com

Love your blog, and thank you for your last post "Rates and Invoices".