November 7, 2011

Baby's Quiet Book

quietbookOur weekend was pretty low key. Conor surfed while I drank smoothies and slept by the pool. I finished the quiet book I have been making for baby (click through to see more pages). We also went to food fest! My favorite event put on by the university every semester. I got falafel from the Arab club and Conor got Yakitori from the Japanese club. I get so excited when Conor tells me it's time for food fest I almost throw up!


californiacheryl said...

YOU are so clever & I love the quiet book. That baby is going to enjoy hours of fun with it.

mmelledge said...

food fest was my favorite too. sad.

Brittany said...

such a perfect little book you made! and drinking smoothies and sleeping by the pool sounds pretty good to me considering I'm wearing 4 layers sitting in my house!