November 16, 2011

Top Photo Credit: Brittany Wood Photography, Unknown, Pinterest, HG Shop Get the minimalist look by decorating with some of these pretty things: glasses, plates, chair, bowls, zinc letter, food cart, invite.
Still hoping there's a chance for me to make it to Thanksgiving Dinner. With a due date of Nov. 23 and Thanksgiving being on the 24th this year I am a bit skeptical. Hope your Thanksgiving is festive and bright and full of love! Because Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays I made everyone a free Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation download. You're welcome!

Click HERE to download this free Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation


Kylie said...

AWESOME! i love it! if i were hosting a t-day dinner i would def use these.

Brittany said...

Thanks for the little shout out with my photo!
I am printing these Dinner Invitations asap!

Shelly said...

I need that kitchen!

Jessica Comingore said...

Love this.