December 23, 2011

Wish List No. 3 (for Henry)


We have been having a heck of a time navigating the deep waters of new parenthood. A few nights ago we were up all night long (from midnight until 5). I kept thinking about that new show on TV right now called Up All Night - it is a big lie. That show is about a perfect family with lots of money and a baby that sleeps all night long. They don't even begin to cover the topic of sleep deprivation... sorry, tangent. Anyway, in the morning we decided to walk to Hukilau Cafe and order everything on the menu that sounded good just to reward ourselves for all the hard work we put in. We are also finding that we love this new journey we are on. Especially in those moments when Henry falls asleep on one of our chests, or laughs at something he dreamed up in his little noggin. We are so looking forward to Christmas morning when we can shower him with all of the presents we have made and bought for him. Merry Christmas everyone, we hope your holidays are warm and bright. Next week on the blog I will be sharing some guest mommy blog posts and Henry's birth story. Until then...

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