January 26, 2010


This week I was teaching the children about prayer. 
I showed them a picture of Daniel in the Lions' Den and told them the story. 
 When I asked if they had ever heard the story before they all said no- 
except for the liar, she said yes, but she lies about everything.  HA!

Anyway, I decided it would be fun to act out the story. 
I told the children I was Daniel. 
One child was going to be the king and then rest were going to be lions. 
I told them when I bow my head, fold my arms, and close my eyes to pray 
they had to stop being lions and shut their mouths (Daniel 6:22). 

I guess I was thinking the game would be like Red Light Green Light. 
So as they came charging at me- growling, pawing, shrieking, 
I folded my arms, bowed my head and closed my eyes... 
Then I felt teeth sink into my leg!

They are insane! 
In the best way possible.

Pictures taken last week when we traced our bodies and drew in our clothes and faces and hair and a very intricate road map for good measure


jezebel said...

lucky. i want a sunbeam class!

Annie Link said...

THEY are so lucky! You would be my favorite teacher for life.

Drop by the blog tomorrow, will you? It's Gavin's birthday and I need one of your hugs.

I love you.

Klissa said...

I would want to trace my body every week but we both know that would take way too much paper! You simply are a wonderful teacher!With love from, Your very own MOM

karly said...

you probably should have been praying harder...

Al said...


rachel said...

Thank you for making me a header. Take as long as you want.