February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

My Birthday party in Mexico.
The evening started off with a nice romantic group date.
I felt a lot of chemistry with all of the men and women at the table.
Next we moved on to a cocktail party rose ceremony where 
I had to let one poor contestant go.
10 contestants. 9 roses.
Someday had to go home.
Sorry Matt!
I love spouse hunting t.v. show themed birthday parties.
I love these friends.
Thanks guys, for making my wildest dreams come true.


Annie said...

oh, i was hoping matt would win, i can't believe ashley is still there, that B%*&^

jezebel said...

Shoulda been a tila tequila themed party.. Ashley was dressed the part AND there were male and female options!

Annie Link said...

I think you should choose the guy without
facial hair. (I couldn't really see if any of the women have any. But don't choose one of them, anyway.)

And by the way. Great house, pictures, party, lady.
You are truly one of the Greats, Erin Jane. Truly. One of the greats.