February 9, 2010

Valentine Greed

1. Little red dress from Urban Outfitters
2. Laura Marling record
3. Red latte bowls from Anthropologie
4. Pink oxfords from Urban Outfitters
5. Bicycle studs
6. I know how to cook! from Anthropologie


kerri said...

ammm, perfect list of beautiful things! x

Misty Throop said...

Hi... I'm Misty, went to school and graduated with your Sister, and I found you through browsing her site. Anyway, this is a complete long shot, but i felt compelled to ask...so here goes. I am opening a coffee shop in Washougal with a friend of mine. We have decided it will be hip, fun, a place to hang out, orangeish redish accent colors with brown and white, clean lines, stainless steel with dark woods throughout. And...our name is "A Shot in the Dark". I was wondering if you would possibly want to work up a logo for fun? If not, i understand...just thought i'd ask! A girl from Camas, Misty Throop