October 1, 2010

Etsy Is Going Off

Images and product found here: Peg and Awl
Conor has officially declared that "Etsy is going off!" Conor and I have decided to start a new little Etsy shop together. We aren't sure what we will sell or what it will be called. All we know is that it is going to be fun! Anyone have any great suggestions? I like to think that I am a jack of all trades and can make anything, but as you all know- design is more my specialty. Today while doing some research for our new little shop I stumbled across Peg and Awl. The stuff in their shop is very beautiful. I wish that bathtub was for sale!


Damaris said...

I wish i had time to take a bath.

I'm excited about your etsy shop. I bet it will be incredible. Your wedding pics on the post are beautiful. I tried to see more but I need a password. Boo! It's o.k I got my flavor by seeing the ones below. You looked beautiful, of course.

Congrats again

Kim said...

For a minute I thought that was you in the tub, Erin Jane! We miss you on 10th Street. XO Your Swenson neighbors

Heather said...

I can't WAIT to see what you two have in store for etsy! Also, at first glance I thought that was YOU in the tub! haha!