October 4, 2010

Bake Off

For those of you who wanted to come but weren't able to make it, I am sorry for the pictures you are about to see. They are only going to make you wish you had been there even more. Maybe next time? It is quarterly after all.
The Bake Off was a success. We had a good turn out and lots of yummy desserts! Conor won MOST BEAUTIFUL with his 6 layer rainbow cake. I have to say I was pretty impressed with it myself. I made small pie pops which were also a hit. We had a glorious time until the sugar crash that hit later that night. Conor and I both ended up having huge toddler like melt downs right before bed time. I was high as a kite and then I was as grumpy as a serial killer with no one to murder. I told Conor that I wanted to punch him in the face. In order to calm myself I went out into the kitchen to clean- and beheld the remaining portion of his aw-inspiring rainbow cake and punched it instead. Just kidding, I ate it. More of it. LOTS more of it.


Kylie said...

such a good time!

Annie said...

hilarious, seriously made me burst out laughing whilst trying to put miles to sleep

Klissa said...

I think I wanna have some cake therapy! Eating or punching!

Damaris said...

sounds so fun even the violent side of the story.

karly said...

this makes me want to punch a cake
why dont i get to be there for one of the quarters?!

Rachel said...

What flavor are those cool pie pops? Your desserts are A+++++++++. Good job.