January 21, 2011

Happy weekend!

We have lots to do this weekend. Sort of anxious to see if I can get it all done. I Thought I would leave you with some of the wedding shots that we never got a chance to share. We had Natalie take these the day before so that we could have more time on our actual wedding day to just enjoy being wedded.
Dress: J.crew
Suit: Custom made by Duchess
Shoes and Jewelry: Anthropologie
Flower in hair: Forever 21


Ashley said...

Oh they are so great Erin! I just love your flowy dress, and your hair is awesome. Such a great idea to get them done before the big day!

Amy Marie said...

Hi Erin, your pictures look great! I have to ask, where did you get Connor's suit? Thanks!

Jenner said...

What beautiful photos, I especially adore the bare feets.

janis said...

i love your floral headpiece and the laidback feel of these photos! just so you know, i have now looked through all your posts with the 'wedding' label. haha! simply lovely!

and in regards to your comment, mike & i are actually hoping to come to hawaii for two weeks for our honeymoon! yyyay! maybe we could have a little blogger meet up? :) do you have any good hawaii advice for two people who have never been before?

size too small said...

beautiful. love your dress. (and his suit!)

Rach said...

LoveLoveLove your dress

californiacheryl said...

So beautiful!
It was so special!
Has it really been 5 months?
Where has the time gone...................?